Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 9: I have not disappeared I promise

So I know its almost been a week since my last post but I haven't disappeared! I had a super busy weekend that included a girl's night, a date night, and a birthday party!
I haven't been super strict with myself during these times, but I also haven't been super indulgent (except for the adult beverages!)
I am back on track today! I will try to post a video tonight or tomorrow. I am super excited that by Aug 5th (if all goes well) we will be closing on our house! I am so ready to pack my pantry with healthy options, as well as my fridge. So, let me ask you this (if you are in fact reading), what are some of your go to healthy fridge and pantry items?
Also, once we do have everything stocked I want to try a preplanned weekly dinner menu and prepping some meals for lunch.
I would love to know your best healthy meal you  make for dinner and one for lunch!

~with a little hope and a lot of prayer

*Sexy or Bust*

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 2.

This morning I weighed myself. I realize I have to weigh myself constantly or I make bad choices. It's my little way of staying accountable. 
I've tried to immerse myself in fitness posts and blogs online. I've seen a lot of great ideas and I am looking forward to implementing them. 
Today my husband brought lunch home. I ate a salad! That's willpower, especially if you've ever had a Zaxby's large chicken finger plate, no slaw- all fries, extra zax sauce. But thanks to my WW app, I found out that its worth 48pts. Which is more than I'm allowed in a day and almost my full weekly cheat points!!! No thank you. 
Oh! I got sidetracked and forgot to say I was down 1.7lbs this morning (yay!). 

Also- I'm staying at my Mom's house part time and its been so hot that we didn't feel like cooking so I picked up a rotisserie chicken. Before I would look at it and think- that's it? I want to eat the whole thing. Today? I took more than I should but less than I used to take. Then? I threw a lot away. I'm making slow changes! 

-with a little hope and a lot of prayer

*Sexy or Bust*

Monday, July 8, 2013

Starting over is hard!

Day 1... Again...

I feel like I'm in AA or some other equivalent. And in a sense I guess I am. 

Here is a new take on things. A video blog-please be nice. I post my actual weight in it which I have never publicly done before. (Also this was recorded before hair&makeup)

-with a little hope and a lot of prayer

*Sexy or Bust*

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Challenge One- almost done!

So I have about 17 days left of my 1st Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge. My plan is to really step it up these last days with exercise and hit the 20lbs down mark by day 90! I took a couple of pics today just to visually see my progress- and they are posted below! I can't wait to post my final stats!

-with a little hope and a lot of prayer

*Sexy or Bust*

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fast Food Wake-up Call

When I was pregnant, I ate out a lot! I didn't just eat typical fast food- I would pick up to go orders at normal restaurants as well. I didn't over eat- in fact my husband mentioned that I ate less while pregnant.
Boy were we wrong!!!! Two nights ago we started looking up nutritional information from many of our usual places. All I can say is WOW!
I was seriously over eating as far as calories were concerned! A favorite of our's when we were visiting in SC would be Zaxby's. We would make a point to eat it 2-3 times each visit because we don't have one near us in MD. My normal meal would be the Chicken Finger Plate, no slaw, extra fries, extra Zax Sauce. Can you guess how many calories that 1 meal is?
Try 1600+!!! (I'm including a screen shot at the bottom of this blog post)
My Husby and I almost had a heart attack when we read that! One small Zax Sauce alone has 180 calories in it!!! I would use 2! That one meal alone has more calories in it than I aim for in an entire day!
There is one other place I wanna mention. Checkers. For many months during my pregnancy and right after as well, Checkers offered 20 wings for 9.99. We would typically buy 2 (that's right 40 wings). Usually because we both wanted a different flavor (garlic parmesan for me and BBQ for him). I guess I always assumed and rationalized that since we were only eating wings it wasn't that bad. I mean it's just chicken, right? Wrong! The BBQ wings (20 pc) have 1560 calories!!!! You think that's bad? Those garlic parmesan wings I loved inhaling? One thousand nine hundred and twenty calories! 1-9-2-0! Combine the 2 together and that is 3500 calories!!
We looked up plenty of other restaurants but those were 2 I had to share. I encourage everyone to look up their favorite meals and read up on the nutritional information. I will think twice about fast food! I found 1 decent go to fast food meal. The Chickfila Chargrilled Chicken Garden Salad. Even with the Fat Free Honey Mustard Dressing, croutons, and sunflower seeds it is only 390 calories! (did you know the sinfully delicious Polynesian Sauce has 110 calories PER PACK!!!)
Another helpful tool, I'd like to encourage you to use is the My Fitness Pal app! It's an easy was to keep up with your calories throughout the day and it has thousands of fast food and restaurant meals listed. I use it now to help me see that the choices I make when going out to eat can be healthy- if I know what to order!
Until next post!

-with a little hope and a lot of prayer

*Sexy or Bust*

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I long to be in Onederland (and I hate admitting to the whole world that I am not in Onederland).
Truth is, I haven't been in Onederland in years- probably before Bella was conceived. (early 2007). I got real close in 2009 when I did Jenny Craig. My smallest was 207.
I'm currently battling the bulge and slowly ticking away at the pounds. Before I went on vacation I had lost 14lbs. Sadly I only stuck to my diet less than 1/2 the time at the beach so I gained about 3lbs. But I am back at it and have already lost 1 of those lbs!
I had a glamorous goal of losing 45lbs on my first 90 day challenge and now with only about 25 days left- I will settle for 20lbs!
I plan on doing a second 90 day challenge and make that goal 25lbs! I hope to be in Onederland by Christmas! And then by my 30th birthday in May, I hope to get to 175.
I start a new job Friday and for 8 weeks or so, I'll be full time and I have to really be diligent so I don't snack and lose track. I hope that the stability of a real schedule will help me focus rather than be sidetracked. It will be difficult to get in any heavy exercise during this time- since by the time I get home I will have to make dinner, bathe the girls, put them to bed and try to get ready for the next day! (Any tips on how to accomplish all this and fit in some fitness???)
And finally, thank you to all my readers! I know I haven't posted as regularly as I used to but when I do, your feedback keeps me going!

-with much hope and a lot of prayer

*Sexy or Bust*