Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 9: I have not disappeared I promise

So I know its almost been a week since my last post but I haven't disappeared! I had a super busy weekend that included a girl's night, a date night, and a birthday party!
I haven't been super strict with myself during these times, but I also haven't been super indulgent (except for the adult beverages!)
I am back on track today! I will try to post a video tonight or tomorrow. I am super excited that by Aug 5th (if all goes well) we will be closing on our house! I am so ready to pack my pantry with healthy options, as well as my fridge. So, let me ask you this (if you are in fact reading), what are some of your go to healthy fridge and pantry items?
Also, once we do have everything stocked I want to try a preplanned weekly dinner menu and prepping some meals for lunch.
I would love to know your best healthy meal you  make for dinner and one for lunch!

~with a little hope and a lot of prayer

*Sexy or Bust*

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  1. Frozen veggies. Frozen fruit for smoothies. Lean meats and salads :)